Review: Engine of Impact

I wanted to share some quick thoughts on a recent nonprofit leadership book Engine of Impact by Meehan and Jonker.

It’s a relatively recently book out that focuses on nonprofit strategy. And it really helps nonprofit leaders think through the processes that they can take to help maximize the impact of their organization and bring their organization to scale.

What I love about this book is the way that it talks about data in the context of nonprofits, specifically the way that data is seen that is not just one facet of an organization, off in it’s own silo, but really something that is integrated throughout the decision-making process. And that data is something that is used for decisions not just for programs but also on funding, relationship with boards, managing staff, every aspect of an organization's data is at the forefront of helping nonprofit leaders make decisions.

The third chapter focuses in particular on the ways in which nonprofit organizations have used impact evaluations before - how they’ve gone about the process of designing and using those impact evaluations to advance their organization’s mission. I think it’s a great read for nonprofit leaders.

If you’re thinking about ways that you can improve and move your organization forward, and you want to do so in a data-driven way, check out Engine of Impact. It’s a fantastic read. I look forward to hearing from you - if you read it, let me know, tell me your thoughts! I’m curious to see how people are thinking about this great book.

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Andrew Reynolds